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time now 4:57. coming up new information about the former soldier accused of killing two santa cruz police officers. also a man killed at a bart station during the busy evening commute. up next we're going to hear from witnesses. [ female announcer ] the one for all.
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we're live in richmond where gunfire erupts at the height of the evening commute. one person is killed, two people on the look. we'll tell you about the dramatic moments right before shots rang out. controversy tied to tragedy. the army's response to a former soldier accused of killing two police officers. cooler air is spill into the bay area for your weekend. i'll have your numbers coming up. plus a new round in the heated battle over immigration. all ahead. good morning. welcome to a brand new day. can we proceed with a friday? >> sure. >> it's friday, march 15th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. we almost have easter colors
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here. purples, blues. how is the weather? >> we will stay with this spring like weather but we will cool it off a little bit. starting with today. temperatures will trend downward and that will will be what we see through the weekend. although we will remain above average. we are starting off with temperatures cooler. patchy fog and clouds out there although not as bad as we have seen. i will show you around. i will show you the afternoon highs and your weekend in view coming up. good morning sal. good morning. we still have that truck fire. it's not as bad as we first thought it was. they confined it to the right lane. however it may cause slow traffic in the area. eastbound. westbound still not effected. also this morning we are still looking at the live pictures and the sunol grade traffic looks good. let's go back to the desk. last night a bart passenger was gunned down in richmond just moments after getting off a train. tara moriarty is there at the station where it all happened with comments from witnesses. tara. >> reporter: passengers say that the victim was walking up
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these stairs leaving the bart station when he was gunned down. we looked around the scene and found a couple bullet case markings on the ground. one of the bullets went through a window over there. came out this side and then grazed this red column that you see. bart passengers say pandemonium broke out and they scattered when they heard the shots. police combed the area after 6:00 last night. the victim was an freshman in his early 30s that was shot and killed by two african american men. one passenger said she just got off the trip when she heard four shots. >> i saw a woman giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation and doing cpr on him. and i was just you know like i had no words. and i started crying after that. >> reporter: passengers say the shooting happened when it was
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still broad daylight. sources tell us the gunman followed the victim from a train but police don't know if they had been riding bart prior to the shooting. we checked in with bart police before the shooting the suspects have not been caught. police believe the two suspects may have run off and richmond police are also working on this case. we'll keep you posted if we hear any updates. especially about the identification of the victim. we are live in richmond i'm tara moriarty. time is 5:02. police in concord investigating reports of a dog being shot with a bb give up and they want to know if it's linked to other recent disturbing incidents. the dog was wounded at about 7:00 last night. a teenager was seen shooting geese the same evening. now this comes after a bus window was shot out on wednesday night near bailey and clayton roads by an unknown object. police are investigating whether all of these incidents are related.
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we have new details about the former soldier accused of killing two police officers l.a. month. an army spokesman says there was not enough evidence to charge jeremy goulet with rape evidence. dna taken from rape tests did not tie goulet to the crimes. the congress is demanding to know why they allowed goulet to leave the army instead of facing rape charges. it's part of an immigration deal that a bipartisan group of senators is working on. the bill would make it harder for relatives of american citizens to come here. make it easier for high skilled foreign w earns to do so. right now about 65% of illegal immigrants are allowed in the u.s. for family reasons. president obama looking to get cars running off of fuels other than oil. he wants billions of dollars to go toward resource to produce
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cleaner fuel. find out how he plans to get that money and if it will add to the federal deficit. president obama returns to the bay area next month. the white house says the president will travel to northern california april 3rd and 4th for fundraisers for democratic congressional candidates. events are planned in san francisco and silicon valley. the president will campaign to help fellow democrats try to regain control of the house in the 2014 midterm elections. new report reveals state furloughs designed to save california money could actually be more expensive. the furloughs were intended to save about $5 billion between february 2009 and july of this year. but many state employees are taking less vacation days because of those mandated furrows. budget advisors for the legislature are calculating that california will end up paying an extra $1 billion to employees when they either retire or quit because of vacation time that was never
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used. muni will reduce service later this month. a dozen lives will be reduced during commute hours from march 25th to march 29th. muni is anticipating fewer riders because san francisco state university has spring break that week. the agency hopes to save $45 billion. happening right now about 100 waste management workers are picketing. they're at a handful of locations. ktvu lorraine blanco just arrived at the facility in san leandro. you talked to union leaders about why this is happening. >> reporter: yeah. they are protesting working conditions here and many other issues. you can see right now there are a few dozen people outside in san leandro at their davis street facility. hundreds of people are walking off the job today at three different locations. their altamont landfill
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location. their 90th avenue location and here. and i have the ialw spokesperson who will tell us about why they are out here and why they are walking off the job today. good morning, craig. >> good morning. the workers are giving up a days pay. they are concerned about the way the company has been treating workers and could be effecting the way they are treating the community. it has not just been disrespectful but it has been threatening and intimidating workers. it's a violation of federal law. they want to see it stop. they want to see the respect increase and see this company follow the law like others and behave like a good community citizen. >> reporter: you say hundreds of workers are walking off the job for waste management today. how will service be effected? >> hopefully the service impact will be minimal. folks really do care about the customers. they are involved in recycling
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operations. these are good green jobs. they want to see the disruption minimized. so hopefully this can be resolved without much disruption. >> reporter: thank you very much. again, there are dozens of workers out here at the davis street facility for waste management. they are protesting they are walking off the job today and two other locations. we do have a call into waste management and we'll try to get the response as soon as possible. reporting live lorraine blanco. >> all right. we'll stay on that story. 5:07 is the time. sal covering traffic issues as well. >> that is right. we have a new crash by the way at vallejo analogon that in san francisco pacific heights. you might want to stay away from that.
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80 westbound at eastbound style looking -- still looking good. also this morning we've had a good look at the westbound bay bridge getting into san francisco. you shouldn't have any trouble doing that. there are no major problems on the bridge. this morning if you are driving in san jose we're off to a pretty good starlet. the weekend weather let's go to rosemary. you can't complain. the only gripe would be no rain. outside of that just a minor cool down in store for your weekend. giving you a look here let's start with the satellite reradar. notice the high clouds continue across the area. patchy fog developing this morning. i don't think it will be as bad as the last couple of days. as you get out to your morning drive i want to back it up here. we have a ridge of high pressure in place. we have that nice arch going on. you don't see it here. we have zonal flow developing. we have cooler air coming into the area. the two combined mixed with the
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high clouds we will see the temperatures continue to trend downward. with that in mind i'll say we'll remain above average. let's take a look at the fog. i'm seeing it along the coastline. just inside the bay. napa reporting visibility four to six miles so it is out there. although as we get into the 7:00 hour it's not as wide spread. so there is good news there. it's your lunchtime now we have high clouds in the forecast. so similar to yesterday although i don't think they will be as thick. 51 in oakland. 43 in napa. most of us off to a cooler start. afternoon highs 70 in oakland. 66 san francisco. low 70s in san jose. if you do get better -- maybe even a tad warmer with the sunshine. there is the weekend in view. low 70s in the forecast. we're dry monday and tuesday but rain is on the way.
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i'm going to show you that forecast model coming up. keep seals safe. baby seals will born at bay area beaches now through june. and marine biologists are reminding them to call the marine mammal center. people in pets reporting to stay at least 50 feet away from seals. new details of the death of a san jose biker. why police are searching for clues and why they want your help. new development in the benghazi terror attack. good morning. westbound 24 as you drive up to the tunnel between walnut creek and oakland we have good looking traffic. but we have new traffic troubles around the bay.
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time now 5:13. new developments in last september's terror attack in benghazi libya. they stormed the american consulate there. killing four americans. now there are reports that a suspect has just been detained in libya. while his alleged role is not clear this morning, the fbi is interviewing him in a libyan prison. meantime we are finding out more about the three american
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security agents hurt in that 9/11 attack. one is still? serious condition at walter reid medical center. budget battle continues in washington, d.c. with new optimism that the president will be able to reach an agreement with republicans. republicans are telling the president that he needs to tone down his political attacks and get democrats to support controversial changes in medicare if he wants a compromise. democrats have pushed a budget that calls for roughly $1 trillion in new tax revenue over ten years. it is expected to head to the senate next week. two hours from now president obama will leave the white house and take his energy reform policy on the road. ktvu kyla campbell is in our washington, d.c. newsroom. we understand you just received new details on the president's energy plan. >> reporter: yeah, pam. president obama wants to set aside $2 billion over the next ten years to give the u.s. what he calls a secure energy future. the president leaves this morning for illinois and will
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speak at argon national laboratory which conducts research for the u.s. department of energy. in his $2 billion plan. president obama would fund more research. including advance vehicles that run on electricity. he says since he took office renewable electricity generation from wind, solar, and other sources hazardabled. the white house says oil imports are already at a 20- year low but they want to become even less dependent on foreign oil. the administration says the funding is already accounted for in its five-year plan and it will be generated by oil and gas development on government property. this all comes as the environmental protection agency releases a new report today. it says americans are spending less overall on gas. i'll explain how it's possible despite high gas prices when i see you next. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:16. we are getting new details about a san jose biker.
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his body was found in the santa cruz mountains last fall. 32-year-old eric dean's body was found by a hiker in october. authorities now want your help to find new leads in the case. authorities say garcia was a member of the mongols motorcycle club. he may have been with other members with members of another motorcycle gang the day he disappeared. if you have any information about who garcia was last with, contact the santa cruz county sheriffs office. the rising tensions between late county supervisors and sheriff frank could boil over next week. two supervisors are calling on fellow board members to issue a final vote of no confidence. the board may also ask for the sheriffs resignation. the two supervisors are citing the county district attorneys saying sheriff riviera lied. one american astronaut and two russian cosmonauts were
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supposed to leave yesterday but that was postponed because of the freezing rain and fog. they are now scheduled to leave tomorrow after more than five months on board the station. there are reports of two more carnival cruise ships with engine troubles. just one month after the triumph trapped passengers in a nightmare at sea for days. how the new problems are effecting passengers. that story coming up at 5:25. time now 5:17. sal is back. he'll take care of you on this friday morning. everybody behaving at the toll plaza? we >> we have something unusual going on. we have wood debris reported. now we have several cars reported with flat tires. in fact, one of the people who tweets me on a regular basis said there are at least nine cars with flat tires on the bridge. now it doesn't look like there is any slow down here. but we will see if we can move one of our cameras to look at the bridge to see if there is anything going on. and it could be that way. things are lighter than usual at this hour any way.
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so even if there are a bunch of things going on, we probably won't see a lot of slow traffic. i'm just looking at one of the cameras. i don't see anything but we will see. let's take a look at commute on 880. traffic here looks pretty good as you drive through. and if you are driving on 580 eastbound. a burned out truck. here's a live picture of the bridge. i don't see anything. i see cars on the bridge. they could have been pulled over to the side. somewhere near treasure island. i don't see anything until the lanes here. we'll get to the bottom of this and we'll let you know. and by the way thank you, joe. there goes one. see. there goes a police car there. chp cruiser. so we'll get to the bottom of it. >> they are quick. you breakbreak down on the bridge they are right there to get you. giving you a live look at storm tracker 2. we have high clouds over parts of the bay area.
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we have low clouds hugging the coastline once again and i'm seeing the patchy fog but i've got pleasant news it's not as bad as we have seen it. i don't expect it to be as wide spread this morning. i will take you 1800 miles out because this is the storm that is going to bring us some rain. it's going to take awhile to get here. let me show you when. here we are picking it up this morning. i do think we'll have high clouds. once again not as thick as yesterday but temperatures will cool slightly because we are beginning to see a transition. saturday i'm going to stop it here. we have this weak system here. not going to bring us any rain but it will keep the on shore breeze going. sunday quiet. monday fairly quiet. perhaps high clouds once again. now we're into tuesday. right into the late night, early morning hours. here comes the rain. we're several days out but this could actually slow down a little bit. could speed up. the time frame looking like a tuesday night into wednesday morning. we are are getting rain. for today patchy fog this
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morning. it is a cooler spot. maybe test the waters. we've got temperatures anywhere from 3-6 degrees cooler. napa almost ten degrees cooler. even though we have a cooling trend under way we are still well above average. low 70s for the forecast for your afternoons. into the weekend and the cooling trend continuing for monday and tuesday. back to the desk. european markets are trading in a very narrow range highest level in nearly five years yesterday. over night asian markets finished the week mixed. australia closed with gapes of 1 point -- with gains of 1.7%. checking in on our numbers the futures do point right now to a higher opening. the dow had a record close to the eight session in a row. a ten-day winning streak. dow up 83 points.
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s & p also within two points of its record close set back in october of 2007. samsung held an event worthy of a high school wood award ceremony. the galaxy s-4 has a new? screen. that phone will be available before the end of the june. no word on costs. time now 5:21. disturbing allegations against a mcdonalds restaurant in chicago. what a mother is saying her son coughed up after being in the restaurant play area. also nfl owners may change a rule that has haunted raid -- that has haunted raider fans for years.
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welcome back. time now 5:24 a mcdonald's restaurant is being sued after her mother says a child ate a used condom found in the play area. the woman says her son who was two years old at the time coughed up a piece of that condom. a lawsuit is accusing mcdonalds to remove harmful items from the play area. mcdonald says it's investigating the also -- allegations. two new carnival cruise ships -- the legend is returning to tampa florida as scheduled. the carnival dream experienced problems with an on board
5:28 am
generator while docked at st. martin. passengers will get a $100 credit and half off of a future cruise. the company announced passengers on the dream would be flown home. all of this just one month after an engine fire on the triumph stranded its more than 4,000 passengers and crews in the gulf of mexico. time now 5:25. the controversial cruel that has haunted the oakland raiders for more than a dozen years may finally be struck down. nfl owners are expected to end the so-called tuck rule when they meet next week. that rule brings back a lot of bad memories for raider fans. they remember that snowy playoff loss to the patriots back in 2002. under the tuck rule, a quarterback throwing motion doesn't end until he tucks the ball back against his body. let's talk traffic right new. sal, you have things to talk about this morning. >> yeah. and i'm just putting something in here last minute. live television right.
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you can watch and talk to the tv. >> talk with with you. >> good morning. there is a problem on the bay bridge. that would be a problem with several vehicles with flat tires. if we can go to that camera. we were watching several cars being pushed off by a chp. a lot of flashing lights. as rosemary said they'll get out there quickly. we've had several cars reported with flat tires. on the sunol trade traffic is moving along nicely as we head down to the bottom of the hill. we also have traffic moving by. now let's go to rosemary. all right we are knocking temperatures back. it will still be enjoyable out there. bring along the sun block and the sun shades. we've got high clouds in the forecast for today. patchy fog this morning but not as wide spread. 7:20 the official sunrise this morning and temperatures will be similar to yesterday. just a tad cooler this morning and for the afternoon. dave. our time is 5:27.
5:30 am
if you're in the hayward area some big changes coming to the traffic. we'll tell you about those coming up. plus much more on the demands from students at san francisco city college. we're live in scotts valley where search and rescue crews will be out later this morning to look for a missing man. we'll tell you about the accident that makes him so vulnerable and has authorities concerned.
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well good morning, to you. welcome back. a brand new day.
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friday, march 15th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. 5:30 is the time. let's check in on the friday forecast and the weekend. how does it look? >> looking good. if you are going to be out and about we've got great weather. temperatures remain above average. cooling trend as we get into your friday, saturday, and sunday. this morning patchy fog around the bay area. we're seeing it along the coastline. seeing it in our north bay valleys but not as bad as the last couple of days. minor drop in temperatures will come this afternoon and a cooler weekend in store and farther down the road i see rain. i'm going to detail it for you coming up. good morning, sal. rosemary good morning, to you. it does appear that chp and bridge crews have had a handle on some of the cars that got flat tires. as a result and we're thinking as a result because we haven't confirmed there was wood debris reported all over the lanes just before this happened and all of a sudden we had all
5:34 am
these cars with flat tires. we are thinking that has something to do wit. traffic westbound is not effected when it comes to major slow downs. part lobous they got out there so quickly to clear it. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge in case you want to use that. traffic looks good. let's go back to the desk. all right, sal, 5:31. rescue teams are getting ready to search again for a missing scotts valley man. janine de la vega is joining us live now for details of a head injury a man suffered recently. >> reporter: we're here at the friday. this is where searches will be meeting later this morning. the team was out past midnight looking for 20-year-old matt abraham that lives here in scotts valley. he suffered a head injury a week ago. let's go to a youtube video that abraham posted. you can see his face is swollen there. he is six feet tall, 150 pounds with blond hair and hazel eyes. abraham fell while biking above
5:35 am
the river and he suffered a severe concussion. he left the hospital on monday and came home. his mother says she last saw him wednesday night and his family believes he walked off sometime thursday morning and is disoriented. abraham described his accident in the youtube video. >> i did fall about 50 or 60 feet on friday morning off that stress ill on to sand. i don't remember much of friday or any of last week really. >> reporter: the san jose police department is concerned that he went back to the area where he got into his action. they are focused on the park and in his neighborhood. we are told that the search crews will be here at 8:00 a.m.. coming up in the next half hour, we will tell you what
5:36 am
sheriffs deputies feel that he was fixuated on which was why he wanted to go back into the park. we'll have more again in a half hour. reporting live federal scotts valley janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. the search continues this morning for the gunman who killed a bart passenger in richmond. ktvu tara moriarty is at the richmond bart station with the police investigation of what happened. tara. >> reporter: bart passengers described the frantic moments after gunfire erupted and one woman says a bystander was performing cpr on the victim. he just walked up the stairs you see behind me here. when the bullets rang out one of them struck the glass right here as you can see this window. it went all the way through the building. it came out the other side as you can see right here by the passive hole and it grazed this red column that you see here. now bart passengers say that they heard four shots and then the chaos to lowed with people running away from the scene. it happened during the busy evening commute in broad
5:37 am
daylight. bart officers are armed with flashlights combed the area last night just after 6:00. the victim was an african american man in his early 30s from richmond who was shot and killed by two african american men at the top of the stairs. >> they appeared to have fled on foot. we are still working on a good description of the suspects. as soon as we get one we will put it out because we want help from the public in locating these people. >> reporter: a source tells us the gunman followed the victim from a train but police say they don't know whether they had been riding bart prior to the shooting. we did contact bart police this morning. the suspects have not been caught. we have no motive at this point. live from richmond i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. tomorrow marks one year since the disappearance of morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. investigators say she was kidnapped on her way to school last year not far from her
5:38 am
home. 21-year-old antolin garcia torres has been charged with abducting and killing lamar even though her body was not found. tomorrow they plan to hold a balloon release and fundraiser in her honor. time is 5:35. a former san francisco lab technician will plead guilty to a drug charge. that plea by debra madden is expected to federal court this morning. the attorney for madden tells us a plea deal has been reached and madden will plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of simple possession. the plea deal follows two mistrials and hung juries. debra madden was accused of stealing cocaine from the police lab and as a result hundreds of drug cases had to be thrown out. san jose substitute teacher takes desperate measures to avoid federal charges. coming up at 5:45 disturbing images found on his home computer and where the police are focusing their investigation. administrators at san francisco city college are prepared to meet today's
5:39 am
accreditation deadline. students and faculty member are demanding more input in this process. yesterday hundreds staged this march to city hall demanding support to avoid even more spending cuts. they also want a parcel tax passed by voters to be used toward restoring classes and student services. >> they are using the accreditation process to push through an agenda and the agenda includes downsizing the school. dismantling public education and shutting out communities that need us most. >> today administrators plan to jut line how they are dealing with all 14 accreditation deficiencies that were found last summer. not all have been fixed but they hope their report will parade the commission they have done enough to upgrade their probation status and allow them to continue to receive state funding.
5:40 am
a final decision is expected to june. president obama appeared on israeli television. >> our goal here is to make shoo that iran does not possess nuclear weapon that could threaten israel. or could trigger an arms race in the region. >> next week president obama will visit israel for the first time as president. analysts say he's had a strained relationship with israeli prime minister benjamin innocent yeah hue. time now 5:37. when the president or vice president is out of the country, the other person traditionally stays in the u.s. for security purposes. but both men may be overseas next week. president obama leaves tuesday night for his middle east trip and vice president biden is at the vatican tuesday to attend
5:41 am
the installation of pope francis. it's unclear if the vice president can rush back before the president departs. pope francis is keeping a hectic schedule since his election. >> go back to your homes and continue your ministry enriched by experience of these days. so much faith and come union. >> in the last hour he wrapped up a final audience with the cardinal moss elected them. he urged them to remain faithful to the gospel and never lose sight of their mission to help others. pope francis is expected to meet with journalists tomorrow and bless followers at st. peters square on sunday. time now 5:38. back here at home big traffic changes in hayward are coming tonight. starting at 8:00 p.m. a one-way loop into downtown will be put into place. foothill boulevard will become a one-way street. from foothill the loop will turn left on to a street and
5:42 am
left on mission back toward jackson. the loop is part of the $100 million route 238 corridor. we have breaking news in san francisco. we want to go right over to sal. >> that is right police activity in san francisco. i want to put up a map for you here. we have two separate scenes but they may be related to the same thing. has to do with a crash of a taxi cab into a police car at the location on the right. vallejo and laguna. there is also an accident at spruce and jackson. we have heard a lot of activity including them calling for various crime scene technicians at both locations. good areas to avoid and again we have a crew on the way. we will try to get to the bottom of it. we do hear reports from reliable source that this involved a stolen taxi cab in
5:43 am
san francisco. guilty into a crash with police car. let's move along to the incline section. we had a couple stalled cars. more than a couple. we had several. we saw a couple with our own eyes here. bridge crews did get out there rather quickly to get rid of them. just before we got all the flat tire reports we had reports of wood debris. so possibly related there. right now the bridge traffic does look good. let's go to san jose in the santa clara valley. it's nice and quiet. let's go to rosemary. just a minor cool down in store for today and this morning i've got good news. the fog out there not going to be as wide spread as you get on to the highways this morning. giving you a look at the satellite radar. we cleared out pretty good in the over night hours. we are two to four degrees cooler than yesterday morning. you notice the high clouds
5:44 am
drift in. napa 40 degrees a little bit earlier. now napa reporting 43. so those clouds hoping to insulate us a little bit. satellite and radar you can see the clouds drift over. that ridge of high pressure beginning to slowly break down. you can't even see that ridge the arch that we typically get right here. we have a zonal flow setting up in time for the weekend that will allow cooler air to pool in. take a look as we get out the door this morning i'm seeing it along the coastline. over cast skies. visibility six miles at half- moon bay. it's just inside the bay. 7:00 or so a mix of low clouds and high clouds but not too bad. as we get to 9:00 high clouds your lunch hour you'll look up and see that soft sunlight. that is all about what we're going to see for today. temperatures right now 50- degrees in oakland. 41 in santa rosa. 43 for napa. not a bad start out there.
5:45 am
for the afternoon looking good. 73 for vallejo. mid 70s in concord. 72 san jose. 66 san francisco. this trend will continue into your weekend. there is your weekend in view. notice not a big drop in temperatures. it will be subtle. mild. fire skies. monday, tuesday those temperatures will continue to cool off and increase in the clouds on tuesday with rain on the way in time for the first day of spring. i will show you that forecast model coming up. >> first day of spring. >> i know. time now 5:42. the social media war is heating up. the popular twitter feature that facebook may soon be targeting. >> we'll show you the close call at a bay area church. golden gate bridge traffic looks good heading down to san francisco out of marin county. we'll tell you more about the the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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all right. we have some developing news in san francisco. i'm going to put up a map here of some of the police activity in san francisco. spruce and jackson, vallejo near laguna two separate locations police activity in san francisco. and we're just getting new word into the newsroom now. we'll have new information coming up very shortly as to what is going on. our crew is just arriving on the scene. now back to the desk. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 5:45. right now waste management workers around alameda county are on strike. look at the pictures. the union leader says they are protesting violations by the company of federal labor laws. they tell us formal charges have already been filed against
5:49 am
waste management. bart police are busy this morning investigating a deadly shooting last night at the exit of their richmond bart station. victim was gunned down at the top steps just moments after getting off a train. witnesses say two gunmen fired four shots. search and rescue teams will continue searching this morning for a missing scotts valley man who they think may be disoriented. 20-year-old matthew abraham was last seen wednesday night. several days before that he suffered a concussion after falling off a mountain bike. a marin church will need repairs after a car crash nearly hit a bible study group. you can see the structural damage at sleepy hollow church. the car took out a support beam for an overhang at about 6:15 last night. fortunately no one was hurt. the chp is investigating but says the driver may have pushed the wrong pedal. the arch diocese of san francisco will hold a prayer
5:50 am
service today for a daly city family torn apart by a car crash. his mother and brother were killed in a crash last saturday. his girlfriend was seriously injured. prosecutors say dennis of sunnyvale crashed into their care. he has been charged with manslaughter, dui, and hilt and run -- and hit and run. a convention of top republican party leaders this is a live picture. this is donald trump, obviously. this is at the conservative political action conference known as c-pac. don trump is speaking live there now. others include mitch mcconnell, mitt romney, and former running mate paul ryan. political analysts say the annual event is a way to check the pulse of the political right and also see who may be the leader in the future of the republican party. we'll check back on that a little bit later.
5:51 am
time now 5:48. bill lockyer has withdrawn divorce papers he filed against his wife. her drug addiction and extramarital affairs ended her political career and almost ended the political career of her husband. but nadia lockyer recently finished a drug treatment she entered after being arrested in august on drug charges. a san jose teacher is being mentally evaluated after attempting to commit suicide. this comes one day after his arrest on child pornography charges. 44-year-old nathan was arrested on wednesday for possessing and distributing explicit images on his computer. yesterday he was hospitalized after attempting to overdose on pills. the school superintendent is
5:52 am
asking students and parents to come to him with any concerns. >> we take this very seriously. the health and safety of our students is our first priority. >> police are now interviewing students who had forstell as a teacher. he could face federal charges because of the amount of pornography found. the competition between facebook and twitter is heating up. facebook is about to adopt one of twitter's most famous features the hash tag. it allows users to categorize topics and conversations. facebook is only testing the feature right now. time now 5:49. we want to find out more from sal about the cars with flat tires around the bay bridge? >> yeah. we had cars with flat tires on the bay bridge this morning. i want to mention that. westbound on the span. the traffic was effected as you had several tow trucks and police cars on the scene there. and that has been cleared up.
5:53 am
fortunately it seems as if that is no longer a big issue. be careful as you drive on the bay bridge westbound. there is debris reported it could have led to the flat tires. i also want to mention in san francisco police activity at spruce and jackson and jackson and buchanon. the two indicators you see there. and according to sfpd we just got an e-mail from them. it says a suspect vandalized a taxi. the driver got out to confront the suspect. the suspect got into the cab and stole the car. ended up at another place in the city. and a shooting was involved as police officers had to open fire. we have a crew on the scene we'll let you know about this coming up. let's go to live pictures. bay bridge. a little bit of a backup approaching the toll plaza. no major problems. and if you are driving in oakland north and southbound 880 traffic looking good. let's go to rosemary. goes to you. it's a good day. it's friday for starters.
5:54 am
tgif to you. 46-degrees in concord. 43 in napa. 41 in santa rosa. high clouds over head once again seeing patchy fog along the coastline. just inside the bay. napa reporting overcast skies and a little bit of patchy fog there as well. not as wide spread as we saw it. i'm going to back you up and take you all the way 1800 miles out. this is the system that will bring us some rain. it looks like in time for the first day of spring. allow me to show you here. we've got high clouds in the forecast for today. that's about it. temperatures will be slightly cooler. system here riding through the pacific northwest. not going to bring us any rain but it will continue our cooling trend. our temperatures trending downward in time for the weekend. sunday afternoon we are still nice and quiet. monday increasing clouds. tuesday increasing clouds. and here comes the rain. the time stamp says over night. so late tuesday night into
5:55 am
wednesday morning i'm thinking and then thursday looks to be dry. we could get anywhere from half inch to an inch of rain out of this. we know we could use more but that is the first sign at seeing rain. i'm full of good news this morning. the fog not as wide spread and we have rain on the way. take a look at your afternoon highs. low 70s. so a bit of a cooling trend. still above average and the over night lows not bad either. if you have an early start have to be out the door for a soccer game you are looking pretty good. slightly cooler on monday and the coolest day of the next several days will be tuesday. back to you. a more country feel may be coming soon to one bay area city where chickens and bees may feel at home. new bike sharing program returning to the bay area.
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
just a minor cool down in store for your weekend. patchy fog. mild to warm temperatures expected for the afternoon. people who live in san lee antero may soon be -- san leandro may soon be able to keep bees and chickens. the city is setting up guidelines and a permit process so people can take part in the urban cultural movement. some people admit they know the benefits of keeping bees and
5:59 am
chickens even though they have been doing it illegal. >> you get a little bit of that farm country living in the city. >> the city hopes to have everything in place by august and it will review the process next year to see if there are any complaints. san francisco and the peninsula could have a bike sharing program in place. hundred bikes will be available. they could be picked up and dropped off at 70 bike stations in palo alto, redwood city, mountain view, and san francisco. a private company will manager the program. if it's successful they may expand it to 30 more stations. coming up on 6:00. sal has been covering a couple of breaking news situations. >> that is right. i like the guys in the patrol to bring up that map again. it's a situation where it's all over the cal hollow and parts of the fort mason area where someone stole a taxi
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